Car servicing carried out by experts in Lincoln

Ensure your car is running properly and is in top condition. Contact our mechanics today.

With our Star Rated Service Schedule, you can be sure that you get the level of service your vehicle requires.

We follow vehicle manufacturers guides on service intervals and requirements.

We are a Ford Blue Oval Member, which means that we get the same technical support as main dealers and our customers get a more personal service.

Customers talk to the technicians that serviced or repaired their car.

With our up to date equipment and knowledge we can service your Mild Hybrid Cars.

Tyres and winter servicing

When winter’s around the corner and you need to prepare for cold weather conditions, we provide a comprehensive tyre and winter service that’s tailor-made for your vehicle to ensure it can cope with ice and snow. In addition to this service package, we also offer tyres at superb prices.

Our service package includes the following inspections:

  • Exhaust system
  • Battery
  • Lights, including hazard lights and indicators
  • Brake system, brake pads and brake fluid
  • Tyre condition, including spare tyre
  • Tyre pressure
  • Oil level
  • Windscreen washer system, including anti-frost windscreen wash liquid
  • Locks and lock barrels

We also stock winter tyres from well-known manufacturers. We will change the tyres and even store your summer tyres if you want us to.